Cleaning Team volunteers
We will need cleaning teams of 6 people for each weekend worship service (Saturday 5pm; Sunday 8am & 10:30am) and teams of 3 people for the summer lakeside worship services (Wednesday 6:30pm).

If you are willing to help, sign-up through the links below. If you have any questions, please contact Heather in the church office at or 262.567.5001. Thank you!

  • 2 people to sanitize the sanctuary (after worship)
  • 2 people to sanitize the lift after each use before and after services (one upstairs and one downstairs). These people will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of worship time.
  • 1 person to sanitize the handrails, door handles, etc. (after worship)
  • 1 person to sanitize bathrooms (after worship)
  • 3 people to sanitize various areas following the summer lakeside worship services.

PowerPoint volunteers
For safety reasons, we are currently not using hymnals. The entire worship services will be projected on the screens in the front of the church.We are in need of one PowerPoint operator for each service (5pm, 8am & 10:30am). This is an extremely simple thing to do. If you can follow along with the words on a slide (with attention to detail) and push the button on a “clicker” at the appropriate time, you can do this! Heather will be happy to train any volunteers. Please contact her in the church office at or 262.567.5001 to sign up.