On December 6, 2021, Jill George, principal at St. Paul’s Lutheran School, was named Principal of the Year by the South Wisconsin District—LCMS. The award recognizes outstanding leaders who exemplify what it means to be a Lutheran school principal. 

The South Wisconsin District—LCMS consists of 58 elementary and high schools in Southern Wisconsin. There were 23 principals nominated within the district. 

Rev. Lance Armstrong O’Donnell, the senior pastor at St. Paul’s, was thrilled that George was recognized. “She is a magnificent support–a true Christian servant–for those in the classroom, whether they are teaching or learning,” he says. “She is profoundly committed to their personal well-being, going to great lengths to help students and staff grow in Christ and discover their God-given gifts.”

Kurt Ahrens, St. Paul’s Lutheran School Education Committee Chair, said, “Jill is very deserving of this award. It is great to see her recognized for her tireless dedication to the students, teachers, and parents. We are truly blessed to have Jill as our principal.”

George has served at St. Paul’s Lutheran School since 1999 and became principal in 2017. She said, “I am humbled and honored to have been nominated amongst an outstanding group of principals, all of whom I greatly respect. While the award has my name on it this year, I truly hope that it is a reflection of the good work that the Lord is doing through the service of all the teachers, pastors, and staff at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, School, and ECC.”