St. Paul’s Lutheran School

2023-24 Tuition Rates

ClassesTuition Rate for MembersTuition Rate for Non-Members
3K (Tuesday and Thursday)TBDTBD
3K (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)TBDTBD
4K (5 days)$3,205$3,555
5K through 8th grade$4,750$5,450
4K Wrap-Around Care$36/day$36/day

We recognize that money does play a role in determining your child’s education and that tuition is an investment. Our goal is that no child will be turned away from a Christian education due to money. We are proud to offer the Fred Boldt Fund-A-Family Scholarship Fund. This fund helps offset tuition costs for qualifying families who want to give their child a Christian education. Please call our admissions office at 262–567–5001 for more information.

2023-2024 Wisconsin School Choice Program Information

St. Paul’s Lutheran School is proud to be a member of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. This program opens the door for families of all socioeconomic backgrounds to take part in the high-quality Christian education and programs we offer.

Open Enrollment for School Choice is February 1-April 20, 2023.

Determine that your family meets the guidelines and income requirements for the School Choice program.

(If your family makes under the amount listed,  you qualify)

Family SizeMaximum Yearly Income
for each additional memberadd $10,384

If your family qualifies, click here to begin the application process.

Once you have completed the online form, you must provide residency and income documentation directly to the school.

Residency documentation examples: WE Energies bill, cable TV bill

Income documentation options:

(a) provide social security numbers or taxpayer identification number and have the Department of Revenue determine whether the student is income eligible for the program; or

(b) use the Department of Instruction’s income determination method by answering a series of income questions in the online parent application and providing paper income documentation to the school during the open application period.

WPCP Open Application Period is February 1-April 20, 2023