In our prayers this week:

Those sick or hospitalized: MEMBERS – Connie Evans–hospitalized; Jeanette Leonhardt–recovering from surgery; John & Pat Tesch; Bob Bratz; Vernon Schilling–cancer; Marcus Pankow–cancer; Todd Gartzke–shoulder replacement surgery; Linda Leidel–continued healing; George Nagel–Shorehaven; Bernice Jorgenson–cancer; David Mueller–healing; Chad Eberhardt; Wilbur Pieper; Barb Pieper; Carolyn Pankow–Shorehaven; Peggy Lauber–liver and bone cancer; Laura Gruen–brain tumor; Lucille Campbell–cancer treatment; Mary Buss–cancer; Katie Waldorf; Glenn Gartzke–Melanoma; Timothy John Bratz–cancer; Bill Voss & Margaret Voss; Mabel Fredrick; Rick
Ware; Crystal Parker

FAMILY & FRIENDS OF MEMBERS – Carol Oswald; Trace Munger (Duane & Sharon Peterson’s son-in-law); Jowana Elswick–leukemia; Jill Fiut; Marion Davies (Marilyn Sherman’s sister); Peggy Flanders; Sarah; Jan Shackleton (Pauline Bemis’s friend); Betty (Heather Scheuer’s aunt); Vicki Kuhl–cancer returned; Jim (Laura Grubba’s brother-in-law); Phyllis; Neil Johnson–cancer returned; Tim (Bill & Bobbie Scheuer’s son)–prostate cancer; Mike; Judy–cancer returned; Elizabeth–breast cancer; Kayla–thyroid cancer; Mary O’Connell–breast cancer; Kelly Bratz (Bob’s daughter-in-law)–breast cancer; Linda Hansen (Steve’s wife); Fran Meyer (Chris Hesse’s aunt)–Multiple Myeloma; Erin (Mileager)–Rayborn–Hodgkins Lymphoma; Mary Sprague—breast cancer; Sandy–kidney cancer; Debra Thurow (Dona’s daughter); Kathy Berkbigler (Pat Borgman’s cousin)–breast cancer; Karen Peskie (Mike & Cheryl Reiner’s sister-in-law)–Lymphoma; Ron Rafalski–throat cancer; Nancy–breast cancer

Other: Greg Schultz – hospitalized due to COVID-19; Joe Hyatt (Matt Dinnauer’s friend)–kidney failure; Patrick Duffy (Erin Eberhardt’s brother)–eye infection; Sue Duchow (Dorothy’s daughter-in-law)–undergoing tests; Joy Galavis (Pastor Scharnell’s cousin); Bev Mai (broken neck); Karen Nicholson–hospice at Heritage Living–Hartland, WI; Jennifer (Diana Radtke’s niece)–healing from aneurysm; Agnes Thurow–hospice; Chris Giebel–MS with serious brain virus; Ken Nash; John Hildebrandt; Fred Storm (Lynda Rades’s brother); Fred Storm (Lynda Rades’s father); Audrey (Sheila Rams’ sister)–Alzheimer’s; Yvonne (Sheila Rams’ sister)–stroke; Merita Dinnauer; Sue Jansen; Armin Tessmann– strength in walking, right arm and hand; Doug–CCL; Barb (Dave Schlomer’s mom)—severe headaches; Scott Kleist (Jim & Ann Duggan’s son)–MS; Paul Fellin

Those serving in the military-deployed: Sam Duggan; Justin Michener; Zach Howard, Theresa; Phil Preston; Casey, Phil, Andy & Steve Koth; Luke, Jacob, Brian, Randy, Kyle, Jake, Jeff, Matt, Brad, Ben, Mike & Rob

Those serving God as missionaries: Rev. Shauen & Krista Trump & Family; Christie Nelson (China), Ray Wigdal (China), Dennis Denow (Thailand), Bob & Chris Prouty (Australia), Pastor Reinke (Deaf Ministry), Rev. Bud Palmer

Those in need: Our Shut-Ins; Betty; Ray Wigdal; all healthcare workers; all those affected by COVID-19; Jennifer; Brian; David

Anniversary: Bill & Felicia Guns – 40th – October 25

Baptism: Colton Matthew Miller – October 25