In our prayers this week:

Those sick or hospitalized-MEMBERS: – – Carolyn Nagel–recovering from a stroke; Marilyn Marohn–broken shoulder; Jeff Stache; Carol Lenz; Don Schmitt; Karen Meyer–cancer; Keith Pagenkopf–continued healing; Hadley McCormack–brain tumor; Don Nagel; Lilah Jo (Jesse & Kelly Phelps’ daughter); Ruth Polcha–recovering from broken femur; Kelly; Jim Juneau; Dick Thurow; George Menden–prostate cancer; Diane Gartzke; Jo Walter; Stan Kuehl; Marian Faltersack; Michael Stollenwerk; Marilyn Runyard; Richard Schultz; Vernon Schilling–cancer; Marcus Pankow–cancer; Linda Leidel–continued healing; George Nagel–Shorehaven; Carolyn Pankow–Shorehaven; Lucille Campbell–cancer treatment; Mary Buss–cancer; Mabel Fredrick

FAMILY & FRIENDS OF MEMBERSThose with cancer: Jack Bartelme III–friend of Tammy Frazier; Mary Kafer (Dan & Brenda Maynard’s friend); Cyndi (George & Maggie Urban’s friend) – bone marrow transplant for leukemia; Warren (friend of Paul Junio)–throat cancer; friend of Bill Mertens; Cheech Counsell (Dona Thurow’s son-in-law); Haven–3 year-old undergoing chemo treatments; Tyler; Sawyer–4 year-old with Leukemia; Tanner–2 year-old with cancer; Pat Venes (Sue Beles’ sister-in-law); Missy (Sheila Ram’s niece)–breast cancer; Dawn–lung cancer; Brandi Miller–breast cancer; Angela Bashford–breast cancer; friend of a member recently diagnosed with breast cancer; Jim (friend of Mark & Debbie Prange)–brain cancer; Diane Flanagan (Gary Flanagan’s sister-in-law); Jim (Jackie Meyer’s dad); Dr. Judith Ames Whitenack (Pauline Bemis’s cousin)–inoperable brain tumor; Craig; Jim (Laura Grubba’s brother-in-law); Phyllis; Mike; Judy–cancer returned; Elizabeth–breast cancer; Kayla–thyroid cancer; Kelly Bratz (Bob’s daughter-in-law)–breast cancer; Erin (Mileager)–Rayborn–Hodgkins Lymphoma; Mary Sprague—breast cancer; Sandy–kidney cancer; Debra Thurow (Dona’s daughter); Kathy Berkbigler (Pat Borgman’s cousin)–breast cancer; Ron Rafalski–throat cancer; Nancy–breast cancer

Other: Zoey & Nolan Peartree’s aunt’s pregnancy–complications; Lois Lodholz (Rev. Gary Lodhol’s wife); Allen & Trey Arndorfer–recovering from auto accident; Jill (Lisa Prost’s mom)–continued healing; Hertha Opperman (Margie Hertneky’s mom)–recovering from a fall; Dale and family–Brett Prost’s friend; Don Bunchkowski–blood clots; Lauren Murdy for a healthy pregnancy; Shayne (Paul Junio’s friend)–colectomy; Jim (Christine Flores’ sister-in-law’s father)–brain tumor; Ginny Hackbarth (Bob’s mom); Laurie–heart issues; John Briggs (Jim & Ann Duggan’s friend)–critical care; Paul; Bob; George; Loretta Sneig; Paul; Liz Peronto (Barb Allwardt’s sister); Ken Nash; John Hildebrandt; Yvonne (Sheila Rams’ sister)–stroke; Merita Dinnauer; Sue Jansen; Doug–CCL; Scott Kleist (Jim & Ann Duggan’s son)–MS; Paul Fellin

Those serving in the military-deployed: Cameron Schifano–Poland; Trevor Thiel; Matthew Juneau; Joe; Sam Duggan; Justin Michener; Zach Howard, Theresa; Phil Preston; Casey, Phil, Andy & Steve Koth; Luke, Jacob, Brian, Randy, Kyle, Jake, Jeff, Matt, Brad, Ben, Mike & Rob

Those serving God as missionaries: Rev. Shauen & Krista Trump & family; Dennis Denow (Thailand), Bob & Chris Prouty (Australia), Pastor Reinke (Deaf Ministry), Rev. Bud Palmer

Those in need: Our Shut-Ins; for a loving father’s heart to be opened to faith; Paul–depression; Christopher–heartache; family–faith; Sam–drug addiction; all healthcare workers; Jennifer; Brian; David

Birthday: Levi Tesch – 9th – March 14

Public Reception of New Members: Todd & Beth Blazei
Julie Maphis

Thanksgiving: John Briggs for recovering from critical care