Rev. Lance Armstrong O’Donnell,  Senior Pastor

Welcome to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church! We are so happy that you will be visiting us. Below is some information that may be helpful for you.

Lutheran Confession

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is a member of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and accepts the Scriptures as the inspired and inerrant Word of God, and the LCMS subscribes unconditionally to all the symbolical books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as a true and unadulterated statement and exposition of the Word of God.

We accept the Lutheran Confessions as articulated in the Book of Concord of 1580 because they are drawn from the Word of God, and on that account, we regard their doctrinal content as a true and binding exposition of Holy Scripture and as authoritative for all pastors, congregations and other rostered church workers of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

When are services?

Traditional worship services are Saturday at 5:00 pm and Sunday at 8:00 am. Our contemporary worship service is Sunday at 10:30 am.

We have special mid-week services during Advent and Lent.

In the summer months, we have Lakeside Worship, which is a midweek traditional worship service. The sermon is the same as the previous weekend.

Our services are approximately one hour long. Occasionally, they may run longer, due to baptisms, special announcements, eighth-grade confessionals, etc.

What should I expect?

At our traditional worship services, we follow the service from our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book. The organ is the primary instrument used to lead the congregation in singing. Occasionally, choirs, vocal solos, and other instruments will supplement the service.

At our contemporary worship service, the order of service maintains key elements of the traditional service and the atmosphere is slightly less formal. You can follow along with the service on the projection screen located in the front of the church. One of our praise team bands accompanies the congregation in singing.

What should I wear?

Most of our congregation wear business casual attire. Some people will wear nice jeans with a nice sweater or blouse while others will wear dresses and suits and ties.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! We love to have children at our services. Your child will receive his/her own bulletin that contains fun activities and coloring pages that reinforce the weekly Gospel reading. We also have busy bags, which are in the back of the church

Can I take communion?

Those who share in our confession of faith of the Lord’s Supper are welcome to receive. If you believe a different confession, please speak with a pastor or elder.

Non-communing, baptized children are welcome to come to the table for a blessing.

If you are physically unable to come to the table, please let an usher know and the pastor will come to you and give you communion.

Will I be singled out in any way?

No, you will not be singled out in any way. We have a Welcome Card available to fill out in case you have questions, need prayer or are interested in any of our events or resources. This card is only used to help us serve you better and keep you informed of church-wide events and activities. You will not be spammed.

Do I have to sing along?

You do not have to sing along if you do not feel comfortable.

Will I be asked to give money?

We are happy that you are here and do not expect you to give when we receive the offering.

How do I get there?

We are located on Fowler Lake, in downtown Oconomowoc, behind City Hall. From either direction on Wisconsin Avenue, turn on St. Paul Street (City Hall is on the corner). From Oakwood Avenue, turn right on Pleasant Street. We are on the corner of St. Paul and Pleasant Streets.

Directions to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Where should I park?

Parking is available in the St. Paul’s parking lot. This lot is the closest to the school entrance, which is handicap accessible. There is a public parking lot adjacent to the St. Paul’s lot. Both parking lots are located on the corner of St. Paul and Pleasant Streets. You may also park on Pleasant Street.

Where do I go?

There are two entrances to St. Paul’s. The main entrance to the church is on Pleasant Street. You may also enter through our school. This entrance is handicapped accessible. Once inside, there are signs that will direct you to the church sanctuary. If you need assistance, our elevator is nearby this entrance.