Our staff will use this list as a guideline for their daily lesson plans. Toddlers are not expected to accomplish or master all tasks and activities. Our goal is to have the children be introduced to the different learning areas and have them master the tasks as they are able with the help of the teachers and parents.

Christian Education

  • Gain knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and all the wonderful things He does for us
  • Taught to understand that they are a special gift from God
  • Encouraged to share their love and kindness with others through their actions
  • Participate in Christian activities such as games, songs, and stories
  • Hear stories from the Bible

Language & Reading

  • Learn how to express their emotions
  • Develop the ability to repeat songs, rhymes and finger plays
  • Introduced to different sounds by use of games and audio equipment
  • Involved in daily story time
  • Have access to storybooks throughout the day


  • Introduced to shapes and colors
  • Learn how to count out loud with the teacher
  • Introduced to simple puzzles
  • Introduced to basic concepts such as: big/small, soft/hard, hot/cold

Large Motor Skills

  • Learn to roll, toss and catch balls
  • Master the skill of walking
  • Learn to jump or hop on both feet
  • Participate in indoor and outdoor games and activities

Fine Motor Skills

  • Use large crayons
  • Paint with a large paintbrush
  • Learn hand/eye coordination by placing objects into containers
  • Develop hand strength by rolling, squeezing, and pounding play dough

Social Skills

  • Will play independently with others
  • Participate in group games and activities
  • Learn how to help at clean up time
  • Will learn how to make a smooth transition at drop off time

Self Help

  • Will learn to start feeding self
  • Introduced to utensils and cups

Music Appreciation

  • Learn and sing songs
  • Introduced to rhythm of music by clapping, singing, and listening
  • Play and do activities with different musical instruments
  • Large motor activities done with music including creative movement, games, dancing exercises, and parachute play