The 3K preschool program builds on the skills your child learned in their previous program and are tailored to your child’s individual learning style. We offer guidance, support and encouragement so that your child can develop at his/her own pace.

Christian Education

  • Gain knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and all the wonderful things He does for us
  • Taught to understand that they are a special gift from God
  • Encouraged to share their love and kindness with others through their actions
  • Participate in Christian activities such as games, songs, and stories
  • Hear stories from the Bible
  • Take part in chapel which is led by the teachers and pastors of St. Paul’s.
  • Will be introduced to monthly devotional sayings from the Bible

Language & Reading

  • Encourage them to use 4-10 words to express themselves
  • Will gain skills on how to sit in a small group and participate in stories and related activities
  • Will start to use the correct tense of: I, he, she, me, him, etc.
  • Encourage to share information or thoughts during group time
  • Will start to identify letters in their name
  • Start to write or imitate writing their name


  • Learn to identify and name colors and shapes
  • Build their counting skills
  • Will learn to count in a row
  • Identify numbers 1-5
  • Learn values of numbers
  • Write numbers
  • Engage in calendar time and be introduced to the days of the week and months

Large Motor Skills

  • Learn to hop on one foot
  • Develop a sense of balance by using the balance beam
  • Learn and participate in exercise that promote a healthy body
  • Participate in outside daily play

Fine Motor Skills

  • Start holding and cutting with a scissors
  • Start to color in the lines
  • Glue & paste projects together
  • Will string 7-10 or more beads
  • Start to draw simple pictures and lines

Social Skills

  • Develop friends and learn what friendship means
  • Develop socials skills while being with other children
  • Develop the skill to follow simple one-part directions
  • Learn to take care of personal property
  • Learn how to help clean-up
  • Develop the skill of walking and waiting with a group in line for an activity
  • Learn basic manners and sharing

Self Help

  • Be able to use the bathroom by them self
  • Learn to put on shoes, coat and a change of clothes if needed
  • Help set up and clean up own space
  • Start to identify some body parts: arms. legs, head, feet, etc.

Music Appreciation

  • Will learn and sing songs
  • Will be surrounded by different types of music such as: classical, religious, contemporary and children’s favorites
  • Will have the opportunity to do a small performance for their families and congregation


Your  child will be given many opportunities and encouraged to express himself/herself through their own creative ideas.

  • Learn to use art supplies such as paints, watercolors, glue, glitter, finger paints, construction paper, etc.
  • Will learn how to hold a scissors and then progress from basic cutting skills to cutting on the lines
  • Will learn to identify numerous colors