Our culture and the technologies that support that culture are increasingly narcissistic. They lead to idolatry and death. In our readings today, The LORD shows us the better way. In the near-sacrifice of Isaac (Gen 22.1-18) The LORD foreshadows the work of Christ and His self-giving love. In our reading from James (1.12-18) the LORD warns us of the dangers of giving ourselves over to sin and points us to the better Way. That Way is manifested in Jesus Christ, who in His baptism (Mk 1.9-11) publicly identifies with us sinners. Afterwards, His temptations on our behalf then begin (Mk 1.12-13), and then begins His public ministry (Mk 1.14-15); that is, our call to repentance and to see, in Him, the way out of narcissism and death, the  Way of faith, hope and love.