As with our forefathers in the faith, week-in and week-out in the Divine Service The LORD sets before us “life and good, death and evil,” (Dt. 30.15) calling us to “love the LORD your God” and “obey his voice.” (Dt. 30.20) Yet, as with our forefathers, whether in Israel or in Corinth, we often got caught up in personal feeling and cults of personality, losing focus on Christ and His Word. (1 Cor 3.1-9) We sometimes approach Christ’s Church and His teaching as “consumers.” Though we swear faithfulness (Mt 5.33-37) to Christ and the Church, sometimes we lust for something new. (Mt 5.27-30) We switch doctrines and congregations as if it were switching from one brand to another, divorcing ourselves based on matters of taste rather than truth. (Mt 5.31-32) In our Baptism Christ claims us, forgives us, and calls us to lives of faithfulness.)